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N’tbook (nee Netbook)!

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Since the future of the term netbook is at least uncertain after Psion’s recent spate of cease and desist letters based on their registered trademark, I would like to propose what we all (starting with Intel) switch to N’tbook instead.

N’tbook, n’tbook, n’tbooks, n’tbooking, etc.

Pronounced exactly the same way as netbook with a hint of a click.

If I were smart, I’d copyright that, and sell the rights to any who want it. But I am not either smart (that way) or greedy. So, any and all, feel free to use the term n’tbook to refer to what we have been calling netbooks. You will note that I have already changed the name of my blog, and I am ready, should Psion send me a letter, to do a complete search and replace on every reference to netbook (inlcuding this one) I ever made. And it will be n’tbook from here on out!

(actually I will copyright that, just to prevent someone more greedy than I am doing it and then telling me I can’t use the term.

n’tbook ©®™ by Stephen Ingraham 1/3/2008)


Written by singraham

January 3, 2009 at 12:05 pm

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