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iBird Explorer Plus/Pro Update

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iBird Explorer Pro

iBird Explorer Pro

Apparently a very few iBird Pro customers are experiencing persistent and unpredictable crashes.  If you are among them, and you have not yet contacted the Mitch Waite Group, they would like you to know that they are working with Apple, using every resource available, to track down causes and solve the issues. This is difficult, however, since only about .01% of users are affected, and since there seems to be no way of predicting who will be affected, or when.  To compound the issue, Apple does not provide MWG with the names or device numbers of the people who buy iBird products, so they have no way of communicating with customers who may have potential problems.

That does not mean, if you are one of those experiencing crashes, that the MWG is not taking the issues seriously. As iPhone users and app developers both, they feel your pain. Nothing is more frustrating than an application that crashes randomly.

MWG suspects that the underlying cause is an instability in the iPhone/iPod Touch operating system (OS) itself, especially because developers of other resource intensive applications (GoogleEarth, Evernote, and some of the larger games, for example) are reporting the same random symptoms. 

The iBird products are currently compiled to operate under OS 2.1 (to make them compatible with the largest number of devices). New versions, complied to operate under the more stable OS 2.2.1, will soon be available in the App Store. It is hoped that the new versions will solve crashing problems for those experiencing them, however, the new versions will ONLY run under OS 2.2.1. Users who have not upgraded their OS will have to do so before downloading the new versions of iBird.

OS 3, due for release in June, is reported to be even more stable, and more efficient in managing memory and resource intensive apps, than current OSs.

And, as a bonus, OS 3 will, for the first time, allow upgrading programs from within. This will finally make it possible for current iBird Plus owners to upgrade to iBird Pro for the difference in cost.  The timetable here suggests that those who can wait to upgrade, might want to do so.

If you are new to iBird, you should realize that chances are very good, better than 99.99% in fact, that the app will run without issue on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I am running OS 2.2.1 and have had absolutely no crashes, and the vast majority of iBird users report the same.

Personally, I use iBird a lot, and cannot imagine my iPhone without it, even until  June.


Written by singraham

April 8, 2009 at 10:29 am

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  1. Hi

    I am a novice birder and even I can see the benefits of this app- thanks for making it available. I just had one question: I downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago and put it on my iphone. I have never had any crashes. Since then there have been 2 updates. The first one downloaded without a hitch- took a very short time. The second one, which I downloaded last night/this morning, took 10 hours to download. Did the new update have that much new information on it, or was it just a fluke?



    Barb Suozzi

    January 1, 2012 at 7:49 pm

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