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iPhone 3.0 (briefly)

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OS 3.0

OS 3.0

So, everyone else in the iVerse has had their say on the new iPhone OS. My turn.

1) it does appear slightly faster on some apps…but not on all…and not on certain functions that apply across apps. Just about every app I have opens faster, and the more memory intense the app is the more the improvement. iBird, which has a huge database (by iPhone standards) shows the greatest improvement. On the other hand, opening the text entry box in all applications seems just a bit slower. Maybe the addition of new features like Cut, Copy, and Paste has a little cost.

2) Speaking of Cut, Copy, Paste: at last! Still, it does not work as well as I had hoped. For instance, some programs just don’t do the whole scrolling text within the text field thing well at all, and a glaring example is Mobile Gmail (maybe it is really a Safari issue, but GMail is the Safari based application that I use the most). I was hoping to be able to easily trim email replies for the few email groups I follow…an arduous task without Cut or multi-line delete. It works fine in the built in Mail app. Just select text and Cut. However, since you can not finger scroll the text field in a GMail reply, getting to the end of the block you want to delete is almost as painful as holding the X key down used to be. You have to drag the selection delimiter down below the text box somewhere and hope that the box will scroll down sometime before you finger stops working. Sometimes it refuses to scroll at all. Can you hear my teeth gnashing?

Still, I would rather have Cut, Copy, Paste than not. I will just be using Mail more often…if only Mail would display mail in conversation/threaded format!

3) Camera is indeed improved, even in the old 3G model.

4) What gives with the App Store. New features and layout in 3.0 on launch day…now apparently rescinded???

5) New Photo features: select multiple pics to email…and especially to delete…are real time savers! However, it took me forever to figure out how to do it. Hidden under the email button! Once found it is dead easy. Very good.

6) The one app I hoped for a significant speed difference on, Zensify, shows no improvement at all.

Lest you get the impression that I am disappointed with 3.0, let me reassure you. I am delighted. It does not quite make the 3G a brand new phone (or cure my 3GS desire) but it come close enough so that I can wait to be eligible for an upgrade when iPhone 3GT or 4G or whatever they call it comes out, maybe a year from now??


Written by singraham

June 19, 2009 at 10:01 am

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