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CoPilot Live 8 Updated

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CoPilot 096

CoPilot Live 8

[Please see the updated take on Nav apps here to see why my opinion on CoPilot has changed.]

Just a quick note to say that CoPilot just released an update that, most noticeably, adds iPod controls within the app.

They are also saying improved GPS performance…but I never noticed any lack in that area in the previous version.

One thing I did note is that computer text to speech voice now says three tents of a mile instead of point three miles…the point often got swallowed in the previous version. It is now crystal clear.

The iPod controls are handy…but they promise auto-muting during voice instructions in the next update. That will actually make it work.

It is good to see that the CoPilot folks are keeping up their end. They are certainly on track to be the last paid alternative navigation app standing when Google Navigation blows everything else off the iPhone. After all, a few of us will still want on device maps…especially if Apple sticks with AT&T. CoPilot, on the basis of cost and a growing feature set, is the navigation app to own.

For the full review see CoPilot Live 8.

Written by singraham

November 4, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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