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Further Adventures in Navigation Down Along the Boarder!

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Or how CoPilot regained its place on my iPhone.


CoPilot Live 8

Okay…after the disappointing performance of the actual maps on both Navigon and MotionX Drive (see the paragraph in brackets on maps near the end of the previous post) in use along Expressway 83 in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, a certain continuing disappointment in the responsiveness of Navigon in daily use (though I reported it was responding more quickly by the time I got to the Valley it was back, in most cases, to its old sluggish self), and some interesting quirks in MotionX UI, I felt it was only fair to reinstall CoPilot Live and see if they had a map update.


They did.

In addition, I discovered that setting the Language to English UK actually gives you another text-to-speech voice choice: Eleanor, a plummy female computer from GB. I Have yet to test her in actual use, so I am not sure how deep her UK bias goes…but I can’t imagine there are many navigation words that would be different on either side of the Atlantic. We shall see. I will report.

With the latest Map Update (which you can download from within CoPilot 8) as far as I can tell the exits on Expressway 83 are in the right places! and, I was able to enter all of my test addresses from the Rio Grande Valley without any problem. Two of the 4 were even in the POI database.

Though my Freeport ME worst case test address is still wrong, it is now only wrong by a singe house number. The Maine maps have clearly been updated since I last tested it.

I have to say, I missed CoPilot and its winning ways while down on the boarder. I am happy to say it has regained its place on my iPhone, and is once more my recommendation for the best resident map Nav App.


Written by singraham

November 27, 2009 at 6:37 pm

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