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TwitBird Pro: maturing nicely!

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Way back when Push on the iPhone was brand new, iTwitter was the first Twitter client to implement it, albeit only between iTwitter users.  I reviewed the app, and found it to be, apart from the push issue, one of the more elegantly implemented clients then available. It had a lot of, at the time, relatively unique interface elements, but overall, it was a pretty basic client compared to the powerhouses of the moment: Tweetie and the then just released Twittelator Pro 3.0. Tweetie was, and is, the established standard by which all other Twitter iPhone clients are measured, and Twittelator Pro simply outclassed iTwitter (and everything else then available) on features.

Soon after, SimplyTweet implemented full Push, and, with its rich and constantly growing feature set, became my own personal standard…by which all other Twitter iPhone apps were, and continue to be, measured.

iTwitter very soon, due to legal issues with the name, became TwitBird, and then TwitBird Pro ($2.99, also still available free as TwitBird, and, somewhat confusingly, as TwitBird Premium for $.99) I downloaded and installed every update, just to keep up with how the app is developing.

And it is developing very nicely indeed. Version 2.1, just out, has added some very interesting features, which now make it a real contender for anyone’s full time iPhone Twitter client. [See additional features for 2.2, just released, at bottom of post]

Standout features:

  • multiple accounts;
  • universal push ($2.99 in app purchase):
  • clean, elegant UI design with easy access to full feature set, plus pop-up controls on List Views for Reply, Retweet, and favorite;
  • Twitter lists (best implementation I have seen so far);
  • unread counts for Home, Mentions, DMs, and any Twitter lists you have created;
  • full edit profile, including pic (plus direct link to profile from Home Page, and second link to view your own tweets);
  • viewing of linked images directly on the Tweet view;
  • quotation of replied to tweet within Tweets,
  • grouping of DMs by sender, and conversation view of the DMs themselves;
  • location linking for tweets
  • post audio tweet
  • selection of pic services and read-later choices (including saving the link in-app)
  • drafts
  • nearby tweet mapping (pretty amazing UI experience on this one!)
  • themes (so far pretty limited, but attractive none-the-less)
  • access to hastags in the compose view

What does it lack in features that I rely on (all are in SimplyTweet for instance):

  • unread indicator on the iPhone Home Page: most apps add a number to their icon when it has pushed.
  • TextExander support
  • easy quote tweet or repost tweet (it does have Copy Tweet, and you can paste into a new tweet, but that is unnecessarily cumbersome)
  • Reply to all (reply to all Mentions (@…) in a tweet)
  • Reply to selected (reply to multiple tweets at the same time)

Take a look at the screen shots below, which are pretty self-explanatory, and highlight my favorite features from the list above. 

With this new version TwitBird Pro earns a place on my iPhone as a backup to SimplyTweet. It is certainly maturing nicely. More themes and additional features are promised for a soon to be released update. TwitBird Pro just could be the Twitter client you are looking for, especially if an elegant interface has appeal to you.

[Version 2.2 just hit the App Store with a few additions and tweaks: Dark theme (if you like that sort of thing), better Japanese localization, and some performance enhancements and bug fixes.]



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December 22, 2009 at 9:27 am

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