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More SimplyTweet Updates! Faster and faster…

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SimplyTweet has always been speedy, but never the fastest of the twitter clients. Version 3.1 was the fastest ST so far, but because there was nothing to choose between downloading only 20 tweets (twitter default) and downloading All Since Last Unread, its speed was not obvious. With version 3.1.1, now under review, ST has added settings for 20, 50, 100, 200, or All Unread in the Settings App. With the app set to 200 to match my usual setting in twitter clients,  SimplyTweet is as fast, or faster, than any client I have ever tried: certainly as fast as Tweetie (ah…I mean Twitter for iPhone) or Osfoora (the two previous fastest among the clients I have tried). And, of course, ST has just about all the features of either Twitter for iPhone or Osfoora, and it has reliable native push.

To my way of thinking, that makes ST the hands down winner among Twitter clients. It was already my favorite. This upgrade is just icing on the cake. (But if the developer is true to his record so far, I am sure he has more goodness up his sleeve and is working hard to bring it to his users even as I write this.)

The other refinement you will immediately notice in ST 3.1.1 is the addition of little reply symbols in the timelines when a posted tweet is, in fact, a reply. Nothing big, but nice.

For a complete list of changes, I have copied the change log from SimplyTweets’ Posterous blog. Really, after you have tried SimplyTweet, is hard to recommend any other twitter client for the iPhone!

  • Add support for Instapaper Mobilizer (enable in Settings app)
  • Add translation of user description in account view
  • Adjust text size of contacts picker when in bigger text mode
  • Direct Messages is now less likely to break up words in long DMs
  • Lists timelines now load 200 when loading older tweets
  • Search timeline now loads 200 when loading older tweets
  • Add bookmarking service (Instapaper or Read It Later, depending on settings) to swipe menu options
  • Add new swipe menu option for Reply All Mentioned
  • Allow filtering of search results by language (enable and choose language in Settings app)
  • App store links are no longer automatically opened in App store app (since Apple now displays a webpage, it isn’t necessary). To open the app in App store (for purchase, for e.g.), Press button in toolbar
  • Add TweetPhoto and to photo search, removing TwitGoo, TwitrPix and (Twitter can’t handle multi-term queries well)
  • Show picture indicator in timeline for TweetPhoto and
  • Show thumbnail in tweet view for TweetPhoto and
  • Number of tweets to be loaded for Friends timeline on startup is now configurable as 20, 50, 100, 200, Load All Unreads
  • Add indicator for tweets which are replies in timelines (not available in search timelines due to Twitter limitations)
  • Fix: Hashtags with umlauts aren’t turned into links in tweet view
  • Fix: When loading older tweets in search timeline, the previous results disappear (ie. only 1 page of results was shown at a time)
  • Fix: Show a proper error message when sending a tweet which you have sent recently (Twitter doesn’t allow that)
  • Fix: Show a proper error message when retweeting a tweet which you have already retweeted
  • Fix: Some lists and @usernames aren’t turned into links properly in tweet view and DM view
  • Fix: When creating a draft from list of drafts, title of compose view is misaligned
  • Fix: For some users, tweets sent by them aren’t highlighed with a different background
  • Fix: unread count disappears in Friends/Mentions timeline after opening account from timeline and going back to timeline
  • Fix: crash when hashtag button is pressed in compose view while tools panel is revealed
  • Fix: Some gaps in Friends timeline if app was running for a long time and manually refreshed
  • Fix: duplicates in mentions/DM timeline if push while app is not running and push is not for the current account
  • Fix: adjust picture indicator in timelines so it’s less likely to overlap with text
  • Fix: if user switches account while a timeline is loading tweets/DMs, the newly loaded tweets/DMs will appear in the switched-to account
  • Fix: toolbar color of list detail doesn’t obey theme
  • Fix: bug when deleting accounts

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May 25, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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