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Archos 101 in Action (and viewing angles again)

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IMG_8328Just a short to note to report on my first experiences with the Archos 101 in public, in my intended natural habitat…showing videos and pics to friends, family, and anyone else who will stand or sit still long enough. It works! I propped it up on a table and connected to an inexpensive external speaker system through Bluetooth and my in-laws got to see my daughter Kelia’s Concerto Festival submission video, and later I sat with my father-in-law and two nephews and showed recent photographs and videos from my travels. Like I said, it worked well. No one claimed they could not see the screen, and it was way easier, and more fun, than flipping through an album or hooking up to the TV. SmugFolio did an excellent job…I was able to show my work without an internet connection at all.

So, beyond the fun I am having playing with the thing, it looks like it may just fulfill its original intention! This is good.


IMG_8332And, for those still hung up on viewing angles of the screen, here are some unretouched, natural-light photos. 1) About 30° below perpendicular, 2) About 20° above perpendicular, and 3) about 60° to the side.

I consider these the limits of usability. Only you can say if this level of performance meets your needs.

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Written by singraham

December 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm

The Other iPhone Browser (is better!)

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1 Perfect Web Browser

I bought 1, Perfect Web Browser 2.7 for the iPhone for one reason and one reason only. My GMail account crashes Safari…every time, whether I invoke my inbox from the Google App, or from within Safari itself…crash! Complete lock up. I have to restart the iPhone to back out of it. Not good.

Besides, even before it crashes Safari, there is just no elegant way to select and delete blocks of text in the Safari compose view…at least not the lengthy text you need to select to trim a group posting when you reply. To do that, you need the more flexible compose view in Mail.

However, I really miss GMail’s threaded messages in the native iPhone App. Once you get used to threads in GMail, it is really hard to go back to a liner client like Mail.

Okay, to be honest, there was more reason I bought 1PWB. 1, Perfect Web Browser is currently on sale. I thought, “why not…I will give it a try, even just for GMail.”

Google Reader: note the two open tabs.

And it works. It is fast, stable, has real tabs, and full screen view. You can select text beyond what is visable in the compose box, and the whole mobile GMail interface just looks great in it. It works so well I have not opened the native iPhone Mail client in two weeks. Mission certainly, clearly, cleanly, accomplished.

So, of course, I wondered how it would work with other Google web apps (which typically, in my experience,  cooperate only marginally with Safari).

Reader? Works so well in 1PWB that I have all but stopped using MobileRSS. Fast? Incredible.

Calendar? Works great! View by day or by Month…add events…whatever you need to do. And, again, fast!

Full Screen View

While it is not Google, even the mobile FaceBook web interface works so well that it gives the native FaceBook client on the iPhone a run for its money.

1Perfect Web Browser opens SmugMug gallery pages that choke Safari. And opening a WordPress blog even invokes the mobile theme just as Safari does.

In fact, I have only found one flaw in 1Perfect Web Browser (well, maybe two). 1) There is no way to make it the default browser on the iPhone (not 1PWB’s fault…a limitation of the iPhone OS) so all links from other apps still open in Safari, and 2) copy and paste is not implemented for web page text. Minor stuff.

Other than that it is really pretty close to perfect. One Perfect Web Browser for the iPhone!



Written by singraham

November 29, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Blossom: Smugmug browser for iPhone

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blnameBlossom is an example of what the iPhone and app store do really well. This is an app with a very limited and targeted appeal: only of interest to those who both own an iPhone(or an  iPod Touche), and who use Smugmug as a photo sharing/storage site. Smugmug provides its own browser based app for looking at your galleries and images from the iPhone, but, honestly, it is not very good. It is slow, and somewhat awkward to use. For instance, once you have chosen an image in the mid-sized gallery view to open full screen, and you open it, there is no way back to your gallery or to the gallery index. You have to close the app and start over, and since it does not save it’s position on close, it has to download your gallery list all over again. Slow. Awkward. Usable, but barely.

blindexAlong comes Blossom. Fast. Efficient. It has your gallery list in seconds and opens a gallery as a thumbnail table in a very short time considering. The first images load almost instantaneously, and as you scroll down to view more, you will see the blossom icon being replaced by thumbnails about as fast as you can expect any internet dependent program to go.

blthumbsWhen you chose a thumbnail it opens in a viewer that has both portrait and landscape views, and which moves image to image with a sideways flick. If you go more than a few images to either side, you will get the loading message, but even here, with full page images,  it is acceptably fast.

Blossom also integrates with several Twitter clients to allow posting of images with tweets (currently Tweetie, TwitterFon, and Twitterific, with more to be added). You can also email the image with the built in email interface.

Blossom only does a very limited number of things, and is only really useful if you use smugmug…but if you share and store on smugmug, Blossom is a must have app. A perfect example of the kind of tightly targeted apps possible on the App Store. $2.99 and worth every cent.



Written by singraham

July 19, 2009 at 11:43 am